20 website, facebook and email copy ideas for international student recruitment (using the basics of storytelling)

By Raphael Arias on 06 Feb 2019

International student recruitment is not easy. You do your best: website, email, Facebook, Instagram. But things are more difficult than expected. Social media and SEO are not as easy as used to be. The times have changed and marketing has advanced to higher levels of complexity. You may start wondering how can you better connect with your leads and students? You may be looking for ways to do more interesting marketing on recruiting international students, we believe this is the first step.

This is an article about storytelling. An article about weaving stories into your marketing. About making your marketing engaging. About taking the first step to getting your agency in the level of the big guys. We don't go into details, but everything in here is about storytelling, which we'll be developing further in the future. We believe this is the easiest to apply and full of potential to start helping your international student recruitment marketing, onshore or offshore.

Before creating the copy of your campaign and website, it's important to identify your leads and target audience, we've created two articles to help you with that: 6 steps to effectively manage your leads as an international education agency and The 5 types of students in the international education. Feel invited to also check our article with free tools to boost your education agency marketing efforts.

If you just want to have examples of copy and content for your website, skip to the next section of this article. :)

Narrative storytelling: how to weave stories into your marketing

People are psychologically wired to enjoy a good story. Stories help your leads and students to understand concepts, courses, and services because your students can place themselves in the shoes of a story’s main character. You want the main character of your story to be your student, about them experiencing this unique opportunity to leave overseas, of achieving their goals (whichever it may be) and about taking the next steps in their lives; how they can evolve.

Storytelling enables marketers to engage and create a deeper connection to customers, which leads to more sales. This is particularly relevant for social media, which is all about building connections and relationships, instead of talking at people or interrupting them with advertisements.

Storytelling makes you memorable. Reciting a great story is easier than reciting the features of a product, service, or business. When you recommend a restaurant, you don’t say, “The menu featured 27 dishes of varying regional cuisines.” You’re more likely to share a story about going to the restaurant with someone, eating an amazing dish, and getting great service.

With storytelling you can engage student's imagination for the journey of their life. You can incite the desire that it's already there. And help the student take the right decision for their future.

There's a lot to be discussed about using storytelling, but in this article we're going to focus on practical tips of how to quickly and effectively improve your website and attract more students.

Below we have different methods and ideas for creating copy.

Semi-ready to use in your education agency website or Facebook page, just customize for your goals.

The "If you have the pain" copy

Use this method to talk to the students regarding the pain they may be feeling. Choosing courses, leaving their country, renewing their visa, etc.

1. If you are confused which course to choose now that will help in your future...

2. If you wonder which university fits what your goals and budget, then...

3. If you want to understand how to choose the best course, then we can help you. We carefully craft the best study plans for students just like you, every day.

4. Choosing to do nothing is in fact a choice, ignoring the problem will not solve the problem, start thinking about your future studying overseas now.

The "What most people do" copy

1. What most people do about their studies is only thinking about the present, and I know you’re not like all those people, instead you're someone looks for the best option now and in the future that is perfect for you.

2. The biggest mistakes students do when choosing their university is...

The "Imagine" copy

1. Imagine you studying somewhere you always wanted, living the experience of a lifetime.

2. Imagine your boss giving you a raise. Does that sound like a fantasy? Well, it isn’t, because now you'll be speaking English.

3. Instead of being in your cubicle where no one understands what you want, imagine being on a place where everybody feels the same as you.

The "If the only thing you got" copy

1. If the only thing you got was the certainty you'll have the time of your life, when would you go for it?

2. If the only thing you got war the highest expert in the country on studying overseas, you would be calm that your future is on the right hands.

3. If the only thing you got is one plan that will change your life forever, how important would that plan be? Count on us to help with choosing the right course.

The "Don’t let this happen to you"

1. Don’t get caught using yesterday tactics for today's reality...

2. Don’t trick yourself, you don’t know everything about all those universities, we can help.

3. Don’t let people tell what is the best course for you, choose yourself from the best opportunities available.

4. Don’t keep operating the same playbook the way you did it last time. Choose your visa renew wisely.

5. Don’t be the last one to show to de party, take advantage of your opportunities now.

The "What if" method

1. What if you were the Nostradamus of your own future, and known exactly what outcomes your course will bring it to you?

2. What if in one month you could be in another country?

3. What if your life in your new country was 100x more fantastic?

What do you think about these copy suggestions? Would you use any? Do you have to suggest? Comment below and let us know the challenges of creating an engaging marketing experience.

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Raphael Arias

Written by Raphael Arias

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