EducationLink has been acquired by Edvisor

By Raphael Arias on 12 Nov 2020

Today we are pleased to announce that we are joining forces with Edvisor and have entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired.

We started 4 years ago with the idea of creating the technology where the entire international education industry would be built upon. Since then, we've come a long way, and we want to assure you that everything we've done so far will remain available and that we are now better equipped as a company to provide even better services, improve our software and grow quickly.

Both EducationLink and Edvisor share the vision of what made our product special and beloved by so many people.

Going forward, we want to assure you that EducationLink will still be the same old EducationLink that you have grown to love. Our mission remains unchanged. We will simply have more resources to continue building products that push the international education industry forward and resources that ultimately are there to provide you the experience you deserve.

The possibilities are limitless and EducationLink & Edvisor are only just getting started. Starting soon EducationLink customers will be able to take advantage of Edvisor's network of colleges. They will be able to search, connect, quote, and submit applications to Edvisor's schools via EducationLink.

A word from Raphael, founder and CEO of EducationLink

I'm grateful for every single one that I crossed path during this long and arduous effort. For every single cold call I got rejected, every harsh feedback received, all the heated discussions but most importantly for the wonderful people that I was so lucky to work with, to Steven - that it's the most generous person I ever met - and to the people that believed in me and in EducationLink.

The decision to sell the company was one taken with our customers in mind. My hope is that with Edvisor, EducationLink's customers, employees, investors and overall international education industry will be better taken care of, supported and understood.

For me, well, for me here begins a new story, the story of a man's gradual renewal, the story of his gradual regeneration, his gradual transition from one world to another, his acquaintance with a new, hitherto completely unknown reality. It might make the subject of a new story - but for me, this present story has ended.

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Raphael Arias

Written by Raphael Arias

Founder and CEO of EducationLink. After 4 years in banking, Raphael founded EducationLink to help the international education industry move forward. He specialises in innovation, strategy and business development.

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