Migration advice: what can education agencies do and not do?

By Raphael Arias on 02 Sep 2019

A few months ago, EducationLink helped ISEAA in its official launch. At EduLink we believe in helping every way we can to foster a healthy and growing international education industry.

In this keynote, Michal Sestak, director of SIS Consulting and a Registered Migration Agent with 25 years of experience explains what's allowed for international education agencies when in respect to migration advice (tip: it's not, but it's more complicated than that).

Here's the video

Some notes

This is an important topic for education agencies. The Australian government doesn't allow education agencies to provide migration advice, but that may not be the reality of a big part of the industry. Here's what you need to know:

This is not giving migration advice

If you do the below, you're not providing migration advice:

  1. To provide and do clerical work to prepare (or help to prepare) an application, eg:
    1. Typing the answers;
    2. Writing the answers;
    3. Translating answers;
    4. Indicating (guiding) where the answers should be;
    5. Photocopying a document.
  2. To provide translation or interpretation services ;
  3. Advice that a person should apply for a visa;
  4. Passes the information produced by an authorized person without giving substantial comments or explanation.

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