The CRICOS website: a missed opportunity. And the future of international education in Australia.

Posted by Raphael Arias on 06 May 2019

CRICOS is the worse, but still the crème de la crème, compared to almost any other major country with large international education exports. While the CRICOS website is fairly good to search for courses, it's vastly outdated, with no reliable data and a missed opportunity.

Why is that? Why such a great opportunity to have reliable data, a source of unbiased information and a great marketing tool is so bad? In this article we discuss a little bit about it, and look what does it tell about international education in Australia.

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The best YouTube channels to practice English - and to also learn something new.

Posted by Raphael Arias on 29 Apr 2019

You're learning english, and things are going great. You try to immerse yourself in the culture, and this includes the websites you visit, the books you read, the movies you watch (this one is easy) and the YouTube channels you follow.

There's nothing better to practice and learn something when it's about subjects you like and is curious about. In here, we have a list of dozens of channels that will help you practice English (listening), increase your vocabulary and also teach you about science, technology, entertainment, movies, business, and other topics.

Use this list for yourself, or feel free to share with your students by sharing this link, putting in your website or via email.

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From counselor to counselor: 5 tips for a better student experience and more sales

Posted by Diego Cardoso on 08 Apr 2019

These are the 5 main tips Diego Cardoso, a counselor with 4 years of experience learned after all this time. Explained so you don't have to make the same mistakes, grow faster and achieve your own goals. The tips are applicable to anything really but were specially created to new agents. 

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The education agent FREE sales and marketing toolkit

Posted by Raphael Arias on 09 Mar 2019

In the world of marketing, it seems like there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into your marketing strategy. And when you’re just starting your marketing strategy, all of the tools available for you to use can be overwhelming. Which tools to use in your education agency, when to use them, how to leverage them properly, etc.

Here we have a complete list of tools you can use in your education agency - even if you're an education counselor - for various functions of your marketing and sales. From content creation to distribution to closing deals, this toolkit includes every kind of tool you’ll need for successful marketing.

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The 3 great great barriers for education agencies to overcome

Posted by Raphael Arias on 05 Mar 2019

In the big and growing industry of international education there are a lot of international education agencies but why aren't there more large education agencies?

There are thousands and thousands of education agencies scattered all across the globe, selling courses of hundreds of countries and thousands of colleges/universities. Estimates suggest the number of agencies selling Australia's institutions are around 7k, sending more than 378k students per year.

But most of them are small to medium size businesses. It's a fragmented industry with - we believe - 200 large education agencies in the whole planet. So how can an industry worth US$150B have just a handful of large agencies.

At EducationLink we work with agencies of all sizes, and we have a theory.

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The new proposed regulation for education agencies in Australia (Feb 2019)

Posted by Raphael Arias on 25 Feb 2019

We went through the 138 pages of the newly released report of the inquiry into the efficacy of the current regulation of Australian migration and education agents and summarised the most important and relevant info to you.

"The majority of registered migration agents and education agents are diligent, knowledgeable, hardworking and competent and provide outstanding service. There are individuals in these industries, however, that take advantage of vulnerable consumers." This is what the Australian government think about education agents.

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6 steps to effectively manage your leads as an international education agency

Posted by Raphael Arias on 10 Feb 2019

Lead management is a customer acquisition process which identifies potential buyers (leads), educates them, engages with them, and when the leads are considered qualified (ready to buy), are presented with the right course and options.

Is your agency following an organized and effective lead management process? Does not need to be complex. Doing so can improve the results of your lead generation efforts and ultimately contribute to more sales.

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20 website, facebook and email copy ideas for international student recruitment (using the basics of storytelling)

Posted by Raphael Arias on 06 Feb 2019

International student recruitment is not easy. You do your best: website, email, Facebook, Instagram. But things are more difficult than expected. Social media and SEO are not as easy as used to be. The times have changed and marketing has advanced to higher levels of complexity. You may start wondering how can you better connect with your leads and students? You may be looking for ways to do more interesting marketing on recruiting international students, we believe this is the first step.

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Apps to help you and your students to explore Australia

Posted by Raphael Arias on 26 Jan 2019

Planning an adventure in the great land we call Australia? Whether you're off on a road trip, a nature-lover looking for new hidden gems to explore, or more a fan of the city, these apps will help you to discover and enjoy the best there is to see and do.

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Australian education agencies, your performance is going public soon, are you ready?

Posted by Raphael Arias on 14 Jan 2019

Latest Department of Education changes will make the performance of education agencies public mid-2019. Are you ready?

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