Australian education agencies, your performance is going public soon, are you ready?

Posted by Raphael Arias on 14 Jan 2019

Latest Department of Education changes will make the performance of education agencies public mid-2019. Are you ready?

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Is ISEAA the solution for international education agencies in Australia?

Posted by Raphael Arias on 13 Jan 2019

Heavy regulation from the Australian government or self-regulation? Can ISEAA help? But, what is ISEAA to start with? Talk to agencies in Australia and they will tell you: they're concerned. So far the international education recruitment in Australia has been in the hands of agencies with "no" government oversight. But the Australian government has no plans to keep that way.

Well, that's not new Raphael, you may say. You're right, it's not new, the Australian government feels uncomfortable for quite some time now in relation to agents. But is it now different? There are some indications that yes, now it's different. The main indication is that for the first time the government will be releasing agents' performance data, as we discussed in our other article Australian education agencies, your performance is going public soon, are you ready? But let's analyse the facts.

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Top 10 countries for Australian international education 2018

Posted by Raphael Arias on 07 Jun 2018

 When I used to work in a big international multi-billion dollar bank. They always tried to be where the growth and wealth are.Markets that are growing have a lot of opportunities and is cheaper to be in.

But we are in international education, we are a small education agency. Does it really matter? Hell yes!

The math is simple: how much effort (and money) takes to get a new customer minus how much we get as revenue. If you spent less than you got as commission, you have a self sustaining agency.

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Using coaching GROW technique to help your student and sell

Posted by Raphael Arias on 06 Jun 2018

A lot of the times, your job as an education agent is not just to present courses, cities and institutions. But to help the student to discover what they really want to do.

The GROW Model is the most common coaching framework used by executive coaches. What should you care, you ask?

Well, most students are young, full of energy with no life experience and a lot of expectations. You need to manage all of these things, guide the student through a small process of self-discovery and then offer the best course, in the best institution (in the eyes of the student) in the best city.

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The 5 types of students in the international education

Posted by Raphael Arias on 06 Jun 2018

Many education agents are formed from ex-international-students or hire many international students. The experience as a student is a great facilitator, but if you want to become the best-in-class, to sell more, make the students happier and grow your business, that’s not enough.

Everything starts with getting to know to whom you’re selling to.

Know to whom you are selling: their dreams, goals, financial capacity, parent pressure and you will be able to sell more. Classify in one of these 5 categories to make this process easier and faster.
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