Why India won’t be the next China

Posted by Neil Fitzroy on 19 Aug 2019

University strategy offices globally have long speculated over India’s potential to become the ‘next China’. With international students from India set to pass those from China as the largest cohort of international students in Australia and enrolling in record numbers in Canada, are we now at an inflection point? Will India develop into ‘China 2.0’, or continue to chart its own course?

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Chef Gordon Ramsay on how to run an international education agency!?

Posted by Raphael Arias on 14 Aug 2019

Internationally renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef, restaurateur, writer, television personality and food critic Gordon Ramsay knows a lot about food and business. But today we'll learn from him on how to run a successful business and we'll apply to the international education industry.

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NSW by the numbers: the international education infographic

Posted by Raphael Arias on 13 May 2019

We all know, everything's better when put in an infographic, so here it's the Study NSW's 2018 international education snapshot. With its impressive numbers, NSW ranked the leader in international education in 2018, with 264k students, mainly from China though. With almost 100k jobs in NSW alone. Take a look below at this great infographic from the folks at Study NSW.

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The 3 great great barriers for education agencies to overcome

Posted by Raphael Arias on 05 Mar 2019

In the big and growing industry of international education there are a lot of international education agencies but why aren't there more large education agencies?

There are thousands and thousands of education agencies scattered all across the globe, selling courses of hundreds of countries and thousands of colleges/universities. Estimates suggest the number of agencies selling Australia's institutions are around 7k, sending more than 378k students per year.

But most of them are small to medium size businesses. It's a fragmented industry with - we believe - 200 large education agencies in the whole planet. So how can an industry worth US$150B have just a handful of large agencies.

At EducationLink we work with agencies of all sizes, and we have a theory.

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Australian education agencies, your performance is going public soon, are you ready?

Posted by Raphael Arias on 14 Jan 2019

Latest Department of Education changes will make the performance of education agencies public mid-2019. Are you ready?

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Top 10 countries for Australian international education 2018

Posted by Raphael Arias on 07 Jun 2018

 When I used to work in a big international multi-billion dollar bank. They always tried to be where the growth and wealth are.Markets that are growing have a lot of opportunities and is cheaper to be in.

But we are in international education, we are a small education agency. Does it really matter? Hell yes!

The math is simple: how much effort (and money) takes to get a new customer minus how much we get as revenue. If you spent less than you got as commission, you have a self sustaining agency.

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