The best YouTube channels to practice English - and to also learn something new.

Posted by Raphael Arias on 29 Apr 2019

You're learning english, and things are going great. You try to immerse yourself in the culture, and this includes the websites you visit, the books you read, the movies you watch (this one is easy) and the YouTube channels you follow.

There's nothing better to practice and learn something when it's about subjects you like and is curious about. In here, we have a list of dozens of channels that will help you practice English (listening), increase your vocabulary and also teach you about science, technology, entertainment, movies, business, and other topics.

Use this list for yourself, or feel free to share with your students by sharing this link, putting in your website or via email.

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Apps to help you and your students to explore Australia

Posted by Raphael Arias on 26 Jan 2019

Planning an adventure in the great land we call Australia? Whether you're off on a road trip, a nature-lover looking for new hidden gems to explore, or more a fan of the city, these apps will help you to discover and enjoy the best there is to see and do.

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