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By Raphael Arias on 09 Mar 2019

In the world of marketing, it seems like there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into your marketing strategy. And when you’re just starting your marketing strategy, all of the tools available for you to use can be overwhelming. Which tools to use in your education agency, when to use them, how to leverage them properly, etc.

Here we have a complete list of tools you can use in your education agency - even if you're an education counselor - for various functions of your marketing and sales. From content creation to distribution to closing deals, this toolkit includes every kind of tool you’ll need for successful marketing.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to a variety of tools that will help you with tasks like:

  • Content creation
  • Campaign organization
  • Content distribution and brand awareness
  • Generating conversions
  • and much more!

Tools to help you create remarkable content

For the ones that are searching on Google "How to start an education agent?" to the ones with thousands of students per year. To create remarkable content is one of the key ways to attract leads to your education agency in Sydney and any other city in the world: it's that universal. Therefore you may benefit from some tools to help even if you don't have design skills.

Content creation tools

Video tools

  • Vidyard This one is highly innovative and we never saw any agency using it, but it's full of potential 😉
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Wistia

Tools to stay organized for success

The faster you grow the more important it's to stay organized, things may go out of control in your education agency quite quickly. We estimate 20% of all education agent commissions goes unclaimed... imagine if those agents were more organized.

Collaboration tools

Project management

Team communication

Tools to help you distribute your content and generate brand awareness

The more people talk about you and see your brand, content and ads the better. People feel comfortable with what they're familiar with. Use the tools below to boost your education agency brand awareness

Distribution & brand awareness

Social media

Online advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Event marketing

Tools to help you convert your website visitors

Let's say you website has 10k visits per month, does it really matter if you don't convert them in leads and then clients? Short answer: no. Use the tools below to attract more overseas students and grow your education agency sales.

Conversion rate optimization

Lead generation

Website optimization

Tools to help you innovate

Fun and innovative tools


Tools to help you keep learning over time

As we discussed in our previous article to keep increasing your skills and professionalism is one of the most important actions you can take to grow your agency. 

Continued education and learning

Tools to help you to increase sales

Sometimes the student is not yet ready to commit to a course or university, use the tools below to keep the conversation happening until they are ready, as we always say: we have to offer the right course, to the right student, at the right time.


Closing deals and tracking relationships

A sales cycle may take months, you need good tools to help you control your leads and clients relationship. The best software for that is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), more specifically a student CRM.

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Raphael Arias

Written by Raphael Arias

Founder and CEO of EducationLink. After 4 years in banking, Raphael founded EducationLink to help the international education industry move forward. He specialises in innovation, strategy and business development.

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