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By Raphael Arias on 20 May 2019

You may be an education agent counselor, maybe an agency owner, maybe just the marketing person. But there's no denying that the very foundation of any agency is a great experience when counseling.

But how can we provide a great experience to the student, offering the right course and at the right time when we have hundreds of other things to do? May not be easy, but it's possible, and the key is what makes a great agency, great.

The ebook

Education Agent Guide to Winning  in 2019

We've compiled the most important tips and tricks of the trade of counsellors with years of experience in the biggest agencies worldwide. So, instead of having to learn the hard way, you can start applying the advices that will make you the star where you work, or that will make your agency a better version of itself.

In this free ebook, you'll learn:

  • ‌Tips on how to make your day-to-day as efficient as possible
  • ‌How long should a counselling section take
  • ‌What to do before and after the counselling
  • ‌Education agent sales techniques
  • ‌Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

This is the guide even the most experienced education counsellors wish they had when they started.

About the author

Dear reader, the author of this ebook is not myself (Raphael) yours truly who rights these weekly articles, this time you are in even better hands. Mariana Bevilacqua has been working in the education industry for more than 5 years. One of the things that she like about the field is helping people to make dreams come true.

Education agencies offshore, education agencies onshore, big education agencies, small education agencies, medium education agencies, even marketing management in colleges. Canada, Australia, Ireland, the US, etc. Doesn't matter, Mariana did it all.

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Raphael Arias

Written by Raphael Arias

Founder and CEO of EducationLink. After 4 years in banking, Raphael founded EducationLink to help the international education industry move forward. He specialises in innovation, strategy and business development.

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